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David Craig started writing music for his first band ... The Jades ... during the 60s. By the time he moved to Baton Rouge, bands like War Babies and Pot Liquor were beginning to hit the airwaves. He saw a regional hit with Pot Liquor's 'Riverboat' and has seen widespread popularity with Clarenece 'Gatemouth' Brown's  'Breaux Bridge Rag' and Memphis Slim's 'Bootleggin''.


Through his writing partnership with American/Country music 's rising star, Eli Seals, David wrote, co-wrote and co-produceed The Eli Seals Band's latest CD release 'Slow Dancin' at the Rodeo'. They are working on a second project for release later this year. Ace fiddle player Thomas Jenkins has just finished recording 3 David Craig tunes and the CD release is forthcoming.


David is currently working on writing and recording projects, having just released a new single and hoping for an EP in the near future.

Come back for news on when and where David is performing  next. 


  • Currently David is focuing on his writing and recording projects. He has no appearances scheduled at this time.

Eli Seals Band

Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown


(not available for listening in the United States)




Riverboat - Pot Liquor


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